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    November 2, 2013
    12:00 - 12:31pm PDT  

hello, everybody. it's time for great videos and the stories behind them. "right this minute". >> well, that didn't go good. >> a base jumper makes the understatement of the year af r after -- >> he had a bit of an accident. >> you won't believe he kept this calm after this happened. >> whoa. >> a street race takes one very wrong turn. >> did you see that stuff go spraying? >> how that stuff had him racing to get away. the guy surprises his girlfriend
with a new corvette you think she'd be more excited. >> um, okay. >> i would have been jumping. >> now the happy couple reveal the story behind her reaction. >> and there's the car, and i'm going where's his mother? >> plus we're giving away flat screen tvs. and a brother on brother tape job. >> the mom is the real star of this video. >> see what's sharper, her scissors or her tongue. >> oh! >> you deserve it. >> well, that didn't go good. >> get ready for this one because it's going to make you just go oh! this is being shot by ammon mcneely who is a climber and base jumper. he had a bit of an accident. >> is that bone or meat? >> he's got a tourniquet on.
that's serious. is he alone? >> he was with a group of base jumpers. he went last. his chute did not open properly. he slammed into the face of the cliff and bounced his way down. you can see the amount of blood he's losing. >> aside from that, he's in pain, but still relatively calm. >> i probably lost my leg. >> help is on the way! >> thank you! >> you can hear him shouting to his friends. now, he had basically communicated to them, hey, i'm in trouble. i'm going to need a rescue helicopter. they're figuring out how to keep a helicopter to ammon. >> you'd think you'd faint from just taking a look at this. >> that's what's so incredible about the human body. >> i think i lost my leg on that one, it hurts. but i didn't die. >> what's his status now. >> ammon thinks he lost about three pints of blood while he was sitting there.
he was helicoptered to the hospital. he said he was fully prepared to wake up with no foot, but they somehow saved it. he admits he's not necessarily in the clear yet. there's still a chance of infection that could lead to some sort of amputation. but as of right now, really lucky, because when you're looking at this -- >> i don't want to look. >> it's a mangled mess. of course we can't show you this pretty gross injury on the tv show, but we'll have it on our website. you can watch this video if you dare. you can watch it on our mobile app. talk about scary in magnitude and power. you are looking at the first moment of the eruption of the volcano in far east russia. amazing to see in time lapse video this liquid magma going hundreds of feet in the air. >> it looks like a planet. such a cool shot. >> it is a tough shot to get. wintry conditions. this is in far east russia. you never know how the weather
will react around volcanoes. >> wintry weather out there. i know it's russia and it's cold, but just seeing it, you would think it should be hot. >> you see that in the foreground and the stream of hot lava in the background. and it gives you this strange sense of how could these two things exist at the same time? >> are those clouds? no, that's steam on the show. looks like somebody took a big red sparkler and stuck it in the mounta mountain. this thing is 16,000 feet at its summit. this is shot by a man who goes volcano hunting. a molecular biologist by day, waited two weeks and 20 hours just to capture this video. >> it makes you respect the planet, though, makes you look on this rock that we live on with complete awe. >> waiting for something evil to be born. a spectacular sight for spectators and racers at the street race in new zealand.
watch these riders take a hard right turn. one guy's going to high five, then boom. >> oh. >> did you see that stuff go spraying? that was gasoline. that fuel now turning into vapor spraying all over the place covering the bike of the guy with the helmet cam. watch this. yep. two bikes catch fire, fuel all over the street. it also looks like a protective barrier also catches fire. black smoke immediately going up in the air and other riders coming by weaving their way through this scene. >> are they trying to get through this to continue with the race. >> sure. they are bikers coming through this incident. they have to ride right through smoke and flames. you see the guys in the orange vests, those are race officials and marshals running down to the scene. here's the interesting part about all this. minor injuries. >> good. >> mild concussion to the guy that flipped his bike up and over. and a sore to graham boyd,
the guy wearing the helmet cam that veered into that blue bike. they said the fire was put out within minutes. the marshals did an excellent job and the race went on. >> it is not like nascar where they have a pit crew telling them where to go and what the obstacles are. what do you do? >> proceed cautiously. some bikers would say, go through it. like a movie set, minor injuries. everybody, guess what ? we are giving away 42 inch flat-screen tvs. >> whoa, beth, that's big. and perfect for watching our videos. >> you need the buzzword to win and you have to be 18 and a u.s. resident. >> that's coming up in a bit. the rtm flat-screen giveaway. >> another ufo has been spotted in the skies over --
>> i couldn't be less excited. >> come on, this is fun. >> well, this one i actually kind of like. what the hell was that? >> yeah! >> because we got a frame of reference. we're in their house. they pointed outside, which is number one, i like to see that. and it is moving. >> yep. and rotating. this is an apartment complex in kazakhstan. >> that's all we get, though, like less than ten seconds? >> it shot over behind the building. let's watch it again. >> could it be somebody's like remote control drone thing that's really close by? >> you're on to something. in fact, this video has been getting a ton of attention online. it was even featured on a local news show in kazakhstan. some of the first comments were that exact comment.
>> it doesn't look to be terribly big. >> what if ufo creatures, what if aliens are really tiny and they're flying around in their flying saucers the size of saucers? but i think it's a really good video. >> as far as the ufo videos that we feature on this show, though, this is one of the better ones. >> it's better. >> it's a good one. >> looks like the end of a bad scene, but it doesn't take long for things to go worse. >> uh-oh, uh-oh. >> oh, my gosh. >> and they're the daddy/daughter duo who became a web sensation. ♪ now the moment is finally here. we're at magneto zeros concert. >> see what happens when they get pull pd up on stage. [ male announcer ] this is mike.
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obviously something bad happened here. >> i would say so. >> but it doesn't take long for things to go worse. we got this video from juking. >> crap. uh-oh. [ bleep ] you have to be kidding me. >> oh, my gosh. >> i know, i know. you're thinking, no, he gets the car upright, then the car takes off. the chain broke. watch it again. he gets the car upright. everything's going like clockwork. but the car keeps driving and drives itself into a ravine.
>> you would thing that there's probably some procedure there that he didn't follow to keep that from happening. i mean, put it in gear, put it in park, something, so it doesn't go rolling away. >> i was thinking the same thing. can you put it in gear when it's on its side like that? is it safe to get in there and mess with the thing? >> i don't know. >> you had to see that happening, right, if you're an experienced tow truck driver that does this thing all the time? maybe we wouldn't have thought about it, but he surely would have. >> you wouldn't expect the metal chain to just break. you would expect it to hold the weight, after you've done this a hundred times. that's a strong chain. >> it's not like a ford 3500 truck. it's a small car. >> acompact car. >> is this the car of filmingthis? >> we're unclear. but it sounds like it. [ bleep ]. >> oh, boy. >> you're going to need a bigger truck. >> you have to be kidding me.
>> love me some darts. not necessarily considered a drinking game, but they're in bars. these guys might have been a little when they're playing here. because i'll put my hands like this on the bull's-eye. and i'll let my friend attempt to get the bull's-eye right between my hand. >> they're playing with actual darts, right? not plastic-tipped darts? >> that looks like a cork board so you have to be playing with basically a weapon. >> under pressure, i think. >> i think we're about to see something pretty awful. >> or not! because it looks like the guy nailed it. >> that is not where i saw this going. i was expecting like a dart sticking out of this guy's hand and blood. >> i wanted this to be one of those so i could say of course you shouldn't do that. >> bravo to the guy who threw the dart. that's a small hole. >> not exactly in the red, in the green, but a bull's-eye
nonetheless. >> he didn't hit his friend. you recognize these two? jorge and alexa from the popular youtube channel reality changers. they shot to stardom in 2010 with this video singing "home" by edward sharp and the magnetic zeros. ♪ come home ♪ home is wherever i'm with you ♪ >> never gets old, right? she's so cute and so darn adorable. >> i've been trying to learn how to whistle like that. >> you're going to think this is darn adorable because this is kind of like one of those magical moments when it all just comes together. >> such beautiful energy. >> where are they? they're at an edward sharp and magnetic zeros concert. the first time they've ever seen them perform live. edward sharp knows exactly who these two youtube celebrities
are. not only do they get the micropho microphone, they get on stage. ♪ home is where i miss you >> alekxa is 8 years old. she's now growing in front of us. >> i'm home. >> a leopard surprises some campers and decides -- >> i'm going to check out their stuff, too. >> where they hid during the heart-stopping encounter. plus you don't want to miss your chance at a 42-inch flat-screen tv. we've got the buzzword you'll need. a wicked spicy meat
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no idea this car was anywhere near being delivered. >> i'm going to show up at her work and surprise her with this car. >> he told her he was coming to her work so she could meet his mom for the first time. >> car just rolled up. >> oh, yeah? how cool is that? oh, yeah. that's awesome. >> she's too composed. i feel like i would have been jumping. >> look at your car. >> this video got a ton of haters. more than 700 thumbs down on the video. only 500 thumbs up. people couldn't stand patty's reaction. they're like, why aren't you more excited? so we asked her ourselves where was the excitement? we have patty and chris joining us via skype right this minute. patty, so here's your chance. explain your reaction to all those haters out there. >> i guess i was nervous because i was meeting his mother.
when i went outside and there's the car, and i'm going where's his mother? >> oh, no. >> that would make sense, i guess. she's thinking the car and the mom. >> if that wasn't part of the day, what would your reaction have been? >> you guys think some of these quote, unquote, haters online would have been a little bit jealous. >> absolutely, oh, yeah. >> you guys put out another video of patty in a nice slinky black dress driving the stingray. that seems to have gotten a lot more likes. >> yeah, she plcleans up okay. >> when is she going to meet the mom? >> we'll have to do that pretty soon. i love these videos from the kruger national park in south africa because you get all kinds of animal sightings.
imagine you've been camping there for two days and you have to dive into the car because this little friend shows up. and by little friend, i mean leopard. they say they've been there two days. they've heard the leopard around. the night before the leopard availed themselves of the water they left out. then they're making coffee. i'll come sample this coffee. not starbucks, i'm just going to pass. >> a leopard on caffeine, i'd like to see that. >> the last thing you wanted, for your leopard to be jacked up. >> better than a cheetah. >> amazing how this leopard says i'll check out their stuff, too. they got quite a bit of video of this thing perusing the campsite and making sure they had all the appropriate accoutrements. >> at kruger national park, this is spectacular. >> it is spectacular if you have a car to drive into. otherwise you might poop yourself.
there's no better way to watch rtm videos than with a brand-new 42-inch flat-screen tv. >> you must be 18 and you must be a u.s. resident. >> if you are using a mobile phone or tablet tap on that mobile link. >> here we go, beth. time to reveal today's buzzword. it is -- touchdown. >> now get over to right this minute and click on the win a flat-screen tv button. >> then order today's buzzword touchdown to win a flat-screen tv. what's a little paint match between brothers. >> this does seem like something siblings would do to each other. >> i left them for three minutes. honest to goodness. >> see why it's all fun and
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the guys have posted another video. this is as impressive as all the others. check this out. they're involved in a firefight with the taliban in afghanistan. and there you see an m-240-b gunner that they're using against the taliban. as they're talking to each other, giving each other
directions, listen to this. >> oh. >> one of the bullets from the taliban goes right over these guys' heads and you can hear it. >> oh, my goodness, wow. >> did you hear how close that was. >> whizzed right over. >> it almost feels like it ricochets off the camera. you hear a pop, a snap like it hits something close by. >> that pop, that crack is known as bullet shock wave and a eaet when it dib travels at supersonic speed. >> this is a day at work. you're having a bad day at your job, watch this. only two brothers would get themselves in a scenario that looks like this. >> look at his skin. look at his ears. look at everything. >> what? >> yeah, nice. >> stop it, cole! >> oh! >> get off. >> okay. >> that is a bunch of like packing tape wrapped around his
brother jack's face, hair, head and hands. brother paul kennedy did this to him. >> this does seem like something siblings would do to each other. >> i left them for three minutes. honest to goodness. >> the poor mother. >> the mom is the real star of this video because of all the things she says to these two boys. >> oh! >> you deserve it. >> what? what? >> she's like you deserve it. >> i'm the one with tape on his face. >> she said it to the other son who said he had a hernia from laughing. >> you deserve it. >> what? >> he was confused, too. >> no eyebrows, eyelashes or skin. >> not like you can just do the really pull it off fast. >> it's wrapped around in layers. you got to find the outside
layer in order to do that. she's trying to cut it off with scissors. >> look at his right eye. it is smushed down with tape. >> why did you do so much of it? >> he gets a lot of it off, his face gets freed up. he's like, don't do my hair. just leave it. >> i don't want you to do my hair. it hurts too much. >> look at the back there. >> poor little brother. >> the sight, the sound of packing tape will send this guy into night players and convulsions. >> a lifelong irrational fear of tape. >> i can't get this off him. >> that's it for us here at "right this minute." see you next time, everybody.
hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman. you want great videos from the web, we've got them "right this minute." an abandoned dog is covered in matted fur until rescuers remove 3 1/2 pounds. now meet the doctors behind this touching story of shrek. >> he's recovering. he's getting better day by day. >> hey, hey, hey. >> firefighters face a big problem with a stubborn blaze because -- >> all over their heads. >> see the rush to contain one